After sales care

We do hope you will enjoy many happy years in your home, but should you need any help from Octavia regarding defects or repairs, please see the guide below for assistance.

New Build

If you have purchased a new build shared ownership or private sale property from Octavia then you will have NHBC, Premier or similar insurance cover in place for two years from the date of completion of the building. This will cover any minor defects which arise following your occupation. Contact our Defects Department on 0208 354 5533 or email

Second Hand Property

If you have purchased a second hand shared ownership property from Octavia, then it is likely that it is more than two years old in which case any repairs are your own responsibility. However, the external structure of the building may well still be covered by NHBC or a similar policy which gives cover for ten years from the date of completion of the building for any structural repairs. Consult your NHBC documents which would have either been given to you on handover of the property, or may be lodged with your title deeds.

Rental Properties

If you are renting an intermediate subsidised property with Octavia, then any repairs can be dealt with on our main repairs line; 0208 354 5515.

If your property is a private rental with Octavia then contact the Sales Team to report any issues on 0208 354 5500.