3 September 2018

Octavia shared ownership development shortlisted for national award

Gladstone Village

Gladstone village has been shortlisted for another award, this time for the 'Best Shared Ownership Development' for the Inside Housing Development Awards.

The Octavia Living shared ownership scheme at Gladstone helps meet the huge demand for shared ownership homes for London families. It is aimed at helping working families, who might struggle to afford a family-sized home in London, and recognises the growing need for affordable housing for people who are not first time buyers.

The scheme complied with the financial eligibility criteria for shared ownership in London but was open to any buyer currently living in any London borough. It offered a 50% share of a four bedroom house with garden and off-street parking for a home valued at £995,000, making the houses some of the most affordable new family homes in London.

We are very pleased that all homes offered for shared ownership under this product have been sold.

The winner of the award will be announced on 29 November 2018 at the Inside Housing Development Awards.